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Image of a group of peopleThis alphabetical list enables visitors to search for individuals by surname or, where such information was recorded, to view particular squadrons and commands. There are also some listings under ENSA, the Entertainments National Service Association. These are listed at 'E'.

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Armstrong, WA Lt RCAF 407 Sqn
Arnott, Wrens Kay and Arnott
Arthur, CJ Sgt
Aslett A
Bambauer, Shirlie May 1943 (top)
Barr, F/Lt DFC (top)
Bayne, 257 Sqn (top)
Bell, AJ Bell MC Rock Island III Dec 11 1944 (top)
Bennett, WR F/O RAAF (top)
Bishop, F/O 125 Sqn (top)
Black, James W 1st Sgt (top)
Bonning, J, LACW L Bonning, Leading Aircraft Women (top)
Booth, John 59 Sqn (top)
Borland, DC F/Lt 450508, 266 Rhodesia Sqn (top)
Boyd, F/O (top)
Brunner, Stan 204 Sqn (top)
Campbell, Don 257 Sqn (top)
Campbell, M Major RM (top)
Campbell, R Fl/Lt 211 Sqn (top)
Cassibault, P/O RCAF (top)
Child, Pat (top)
Clapp, T Petty Officer WRNS Plymouth (top)
Clark, E B Sgt 414th Bomb Sqn (top)
Coles, Reg Lt RN (top)
Colwell, Dr Rev E, BTA 1st 9/10/45 (top)
Colwell, Gladys BTA 1st 9/10/45 (top)
Cook, F P/O (top)
Craig, EJ Sgt (top)
Davy, R 286 Sqn (top)
Dellow, L 88 Sqn (top)
Demick, Sgt Illinois (top)
Digby, RS Sgt RAF HMS Rame Head (top)
Dyke, TE Lt RNVR (top)
ENSA Patsy Company (top)
ENSA Patsy Company - 1 (top)
ENSA Patsy Company - 2 (top)
ENSA Patsy Company - 3 (top)
Finch, NA Lt VC RM Dalditch (top)
Fleming, AC Sqn Ldr 26 Sqn (top)
Forrest, F/O (top)
Foulkes, RD Lt USN (top)
Gough, DGM P/O 1426 Flight (top)
Gough, P/O 1426 Flight (top)
Gregory, P (BRCS) (top)
Griffiths, DM 126 Sqn (top)
Ham, Audrey WRNS Boats Crew (top)
Hambly, W NFS Exeter Blitz (top)
Hammond, P (NFS) (top)
Harding, P J RAF 412 Sqn (top)
Hayley, Lt (JG) Edward, CEC v(s) USNR (top)
Head, J NFS Exeter Blitz (top)
Higman, James Lt USAAF (top)
Hirst-Ellis, W P/O 83 Sqn (top)
HMS Heron (top)
Holmes, J W E F/Lt RAFVR, 263 Sqn (top)
Jackson, M WLA 25677 (Land Army) (top)
Joselyn, I K 2nd Lt RN 796 Sqn (top)
Kennedy, Earl USN (top)
Kirk, CF 88 Sqn (top)
Kogler, Jack (top)
Kovach, Frank Z 1st Lt CAV (top)
Lewendon, E R (1426 flight EAC) (top)
Lewendon, P/O Rafwaffe No 1426 (EAC) Flt HM 509 RAF Duxford (top)
Lewis, R C Sgt 414th Bomb Sqn (top)
Longstaff, Sgt Rafs IBAs (top)
Maas, Stan Lt (top)
Macnamara, J R 266 Sqn (top)
Marsh, Lt Stanley Marsh 107th Fighter RCN Sqn 0-442286 USAAF Wyoming June 1944 (top)
Mayford, A G 38 Air Sea Rescue (ASR) (top)
McGrady, Joe (top)
Miller, F/Lt 257 Sqn (top)
Mollett, Wally. 266 Sqn (top)
Moyes, Harry 2nd Lt. (top)
Mumford, Squ Ldr Mumford 256 (top)
Murray, Lt DSO RN (top)
Olchovy, Steve , NCB Naval Communications Board (top)
Osborne, P/O 1426 Flight (top)
Penrose, W NFS Plymouth Exeter Blitz (top)
Peppiatt, J 88 Sqn (top)
Plumley, F/Lt CCB (top)
Probst, Pvt Jack, Seattle Washington 2nd ADG (top)
Redmond, RE (ENS) USN (top)
Reeve, C C F/Lt MBE (top)
Rossall, Cpl R, Wasaga, Canada (top)
Rubin, 1st Lt QMC (top)
Salway, D 2nd Lt (top)
Schiff, John J, Lt (top)
Schmitz, Ken, Sqn 427 RCAF (top)
Seiderer, Charles Sgt, US Cavalry (top)
Siddon, Robert H P/O (top)
Simpson, Jock Lt, RM (top)
Skinner, M J, WAAF (top)
Skinner, W G, Cpl RAF (top)
Sleeman, H, NFS Plymouth (top)
Small, John F/Lt, 266 Sqn (top)
Snow, F/Lt (top)
Stilin, Albert 257 Sqn (top)
Sqn 15, Peter Boggis (top)
Sqn 257, Canada (top)
Sqn 257, RCAF (top)
Sqn 26 (top)
Sqn 305, Dorosz (top)
Sqn 305, Dutkiewitz (top)
Sqn 305, Krawczyk (top)
Sqn 305, Laskowski (top)
Sqn 305, Pluska (top)
Sqn 308, Jablonski (top)
Sqn 308, Piatkowski (top)
Sqn 616 F/O TD Dean Dixie  (top)
Sqn 616 Gloster Meteor (top)
Sqn 88 Pepperall, PO, New Zealand (top)
Stone, Douglas 2nd Lt RNVR (top)
Sullivan, Louise M Sullivan, 2nd Lt A.N.C (top)
Swedlund, Capt GM "Swede" Swedlund South Dakota USA (top)
Threlfall, J M P/O 83 Sqn (top)
Tressider, D (RAOC) Royal Army Ordnance Corp (top)
Washington, Lt USN (top)
Watts, Sqn Ldr LW Watts (top)
Weightman, Douglas Dennison, Sqn Ldr, DFC (top)
Whitmore, Lt GM Whitmore US Navy (top)
Wilcox, E, 38 ASR (top)
Wilkinson, Vicky, ACW (top)
Williams JS, Sgt, 495-09952 Perth WA 16/05/43 (top)
Williams, Blackie, Sqn Ldr (top)
Wishaw, K, 2nd Officer WRNS (top)
Wishaw, R, Lt SAAF (top)
Youmans, R C Major CE (top)

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